Celebrating with friends at SINN Power's founding party

Mentors, colleagues, friends and family - more than 100 supporters of the SINN Power team came to Gauting the past Friday to celebrate the incorporation of the SINN Power GmbH.

Not quite easy to construct: Point absorbers
Not quite easy to construct: Point absorbers

Like the waves the young startup is dealing with, 2014 was a year that entailed quite a number of ups and downs. Thus the party was an appropriate opportunity for the team to stop and express its heartfelt gratitude for the immense support it received up to this point. Everybody had worked hard to prepare stage, steaks and special drinks as well as small details like the sweet point absorbers in time for the first guests to arrive.

The party began with a short speech by founder Philipp Sinn and more appreciative words by Professor Faulstich, head of the CUTEC Institute. This kind of mix between Bavarian and Lower Saxon spirits proved to be the perfect recipe for a relaxed and happy atmosphere at the bar as well. Local artists Martin Piehlmeier and the Stray Colors contributed the final share to the perfect party.

A big thank you from the entire SINN Power team goes to everyone who joined the celebrations either in person or in spirit for the great conversations, the encouraging words and for the great support during the time before and after the incorporation.