First alumnae hand in excellent theses

With their excellent final theses, bachelor students Laura Fürst and Lena Schützle put the bar high for their successors. As first alumnae from SINN Power’s technical development team, they look back on five turbulent months.

The first SINN Power alumnae: Laura Fürst (Construction & Simulation) and Lena Schützle (Construction)
The first SINN Power alumnae: Laura Fürst (Construction & Simulation) and Lena Schützle (Construction)

Both Fürst and Schützle were with SINN Power from the start. Their impression of the wave energy project was accordingly intense: “It was definitely an exciting experience to be involved in a startup from the beginning,” says Fürst, who worked on the simulation and construction of the structure.

“The contributions of excellent students like Laura and Lena are invaluable to our project,” stresses Dr. Martin Bednarz, Head of Technical Development. Schützle feels the same: “I was surprised about how much responsibility I was given immediately. In turn, my own construction was my ‘baby’ and I was really nervous whether everything would work out when we assembled the test bench.”

In spite of the stress that came with finalizing their own theses, Fürst and Schützle agree: “If you want to work hands-on in technical development during your studies already, SINN Power is the right place for you.”

Before the two continue with their master’s studies, they focus on other goals: Schützle combines training and vacationing during a month of seminars and travels. And Fürst, who plays with the German national wheelchair basketball team, prepares herself for the upcoming international matches in the summer.